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T-Mobile's ConsuMer Digital Transformation


Business Challenge #1


T-Mobile had previously gone through a couple attempts to digitize its customer information with Salesforce using other vendors, with unsatisfactory results. T-Mobile then approached Revel Consulting, which partnered with eLink, based on our decade+ experience and success delivering enterprise-wide solutions on the Salesforce platform.

eLink was specifically tasked with integrating T-Mobile’s Facebook BOT and Salesforce application to allow customers to view available stores in their area by address (using GEO Fence). T-Mobile also wanted customers to view available appointment slots for scheduling. These initial features were to be set for 300 pilot stores in Washington, Oregon and California.

Our Solution: Create a framework and Application Programming Interface (API) in Salesforce to capture new customer lead information from T-Mobile’s Facebook BOT application, which provided store searching appointment availability and scheduling with a T-Mobile client representative. This work included reconciling leads, reducing duplication and increasing T-Mobile’s Customer 360. The new appointments were tracked across customers and specific stores.   The pilot was a success and an additional 200 stores were added to the next phase.

“… the new framework delivered on its unified management capabilities across the enterprise … providing the experience T-Mobile customers demanded while helping reduce cost.”

Business Challenge #2


Taking the pilot program nationally, and building on the success of Phase 1, we continued enhancing the API to deliver a Common Services Framework (CSF) to handle lead, scheduling and engagement management across multiple channels (Facebook, T-Mobile Web, Heroku and Telesales), strengthening the 360-degree view of the customer.  The new CSF leveraged Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning (FLS) to more deeply integrate with T-Mobile Retail and HR Systems, providing greater visibility and flexibility for schedule management and in store appointments. Most importantly, the new framework delivered on its unified management capabilities across the enterprise, rolling out to all 6,000-plus T-Mobile stores, Telesales (35,000 agents) and T-Mobile Web (80 million) customers, providing the experience T-Mobile customers demanded while helping reduce cost.


As part of the work, our team developed a new Lightning Retail Manager/Agent Portal, user screens and Lightning Components that integrated into the framework, providing a simple intuitive interface for T-Mobile retail agents and store managers on mobile tablets as well as call center agents.

Business Challenge #3


This final phase delivered T-Mobile Retail In-Store Queue management services by Salesforce and Heroku. The new capabilities allowed customers to add their names in a queue and track wait times while receiving notifications on their status. This allowed T-Mobile store managers and Telesales agents to view store wait times in real time. Additional CSF API enhancements were created to support integration with LiveEngage customer interactions, a leading communications management platform for multi-channel live chats. LiveEngage enables T-Mobile customers to open a chat session via the web, Facebook or other channels and connect directly to a T-Mobile agent ( In-Store or Tele-Sales ). Agents can convert chats into leads, schedule appointments and view/track all engagements, continuing the 360-degree view of the client seamlessly, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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