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At a Glance

eLink at a glance

Our people...


We are a global company with sales and development distributed throughout the world.  We have a talented team with years of experience in various vertical markets like technology, finance, healthcare, insurance and many others.  Our people are creative and rise to the challenge to present a solution that exceeds expectations.


Reaching a Deal

Our Relationships...


Our alliance with industry leaders and trusted partners enable us to deliver total solutions to our clients.  We leverage open standards and solutions to provide maximum flexibility to our customers for future growth while driving towards a competitive advantage to our clients.  Our goal is to align our solutions with the economic vision of our clients and exceed expectations.


Our Clients...


We see our clients as partners in a synergistic relationship where both parties align.  We are not a generalized technology clearing house, based on sheer volumes, while neglecting the goals and objectives of our clients.  We are select about our clients, in order to deliver the quality and attention that provides the best service possible.


Who We Are

We put client needs at the forefront of a disciplined process that explores and defines the ideal digital business strategy. The process includes helping you imagine what ideal digital strategy means in context, given the realities of your capabilities, constraints and competition. Our goal is to deliver strategic IT solutions that are as resilient as they are versatile, giving clients critical agility to navigate market dynamics and capitalize on change.


Simply put, we are people-driven technology professionals, focused on helping clients realize their potential. eLink Business Innovation’s mission is to craft tailored, practical and effective data-driven innovation.

Who we Are


  • We are process-driven, but your needs shape our thinking about what solutions fit.

  • Our approach dives deep to understand what's at stake and where risk lurks.

  • Every project begins with due diligence research to ferret out what success means.

  • Our value hinges on whether the strategy enables you to do the things you imagined.

  • We ask the difficult "what if" questions to extract realistic "if-then" options and assess critical "now or later" tradeoffs to guide development priorities with potential outcomes in mind.

  • We help clients build capacity to explore new ideas quickly and build-in "pivotability."

  • We resource project teams considering how to create the "perfect mix" in mind, from the outset through completion.Our teams reflect a diversity of experience and mindsets.

How we Work
History of eLink

The History

Interested in the history of eLink, where we started, our journey, and where we plan to go from here?
 Click the link below to learn more about us.

Our Partners

current partners

Follow the link below to discover who eLink is proudly partnered with. 

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